AIデザインチャレンジ:黄昏の未来都市 – 10月13日のベストショット

AIデザインチャレンジ:黄昏の未来都市 – 10月13日のベストショット





Photo of a futuristic city skyline bathed in the purple and blue hues of twilight. Sleek skyscrapers made of chrome and glass reflect the fading sunlight. Between these towering structures, flying cars with illuminated trails zip by. The sky is further illuminated by massive holographic billboards, showcasing vibrant advertisements and messages.
Illustration of a city of the future during twilight. The horizon is dominated by tall skyscrapers with a metallic sheen and large glass facades. Flying vehicles, resembling futuristic cars, navigate between the buildings, leaving streaks of light in their wake. Above, large holographic billboards project colorful images and animations, casting a neon glow over the cityscape.
Render of a metropolis in a future setting. The evening sky is painted with shades of pink and indigo. Skyscrapers, built with advanced materials like chrome, reach for the heavens. Traffic is not just limited to the ground; flying cars traverse the airspace, their lights creating dynamic patterns. Adding to the ambiance, holographic displays showcase various advertisements, making the city feel alive and vibrant.
Digital art of a cityscape from a futuristic era. As the sun sets, it casts a golden hue on the shiny skyscrapers. Flying cars, with designs reminiscent of today's sports cars but with the ability to fly, weave between the buildings. The night is brought to life with the presence of large holographic billboards, some of which are interactive, drawing the attention of the city's inhabitants.


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